Free valuation for companies with $10 million or more in revenue

Get an instant valuation snapshot:
Follow the link below to the valuation engine. Entering five pieces of information will give you a free, instant snapshot of the valuation range of your business based on hundreds of data points of businesses in the same industry. This will take you about a minute.

Can I get more detail:

Yes! If you’d like to get the detailed report for your business, enter your email in the valuation engine and we’ll send you a link. The detailed report uses more information, gives a more accurate range, and also gives you benchmarks to show how you compare to other firms in your industry. Detailed reports are generated the same day we receive information.

What about confidentiality:

Information is stored in the engine and is not shared with anyone. We will delete it at your request. Feel free to enter approximate information if you want to get an idea of value but don’t want to share specifics.

How much does a detailed report cost:

Free for companies with revenues over $10 million; we do not do detailed reports on smaller companies.

Can I see a sample:
Yes. The sample report has the same valuation methods, KPIs, and format as the detailed report we’ll generate for you.

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