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Curious What Your Business Is Worth?

Most business owners are proud of their team and the solid organization they have built. And they should be. Years spent growing your company, and someday you are going to want to harvest its full value. When that day comes, do you know what your company is worth?

At SSK Capital, our experienced team can help you determine the real-world value if you were to sell your mid-market business in the next 12 months. Not valuation for tax purposes, but what real investors will pay you if you decide to sell.

When it comes to a transaction of this magnitude, you want to be sure your decisions are based on realistic estimates. SSK Capital will help you get the information you need to win the best possible price for your life’s work.

Know The Process

Understanding valuation and the sales process is critical to your success. We have collected the information you need to be confident you are getting the best price for your business.

Here are some tools to get you started:

Business Sales Process

Industry Reports



Give Your Company An Edge

At SSK we understand what you are up against when you sell your business. You want to look your best and get maximum results. Our leadership has over 20 years of transactional finance experience. We can help you present your offering to outshine the competition.


Determine the right price


Present your offering well


Get multiple bids simultaneously

Have The Right Team To Close The Deal

Mistakes can leave money on the table or or locked up for months or years. Don’t agree to unreasonable or unnecessary demands from buyers. In a just a few short weeks, the difference between doing well and not being prepared can be measured in millions of dollars.

We Are Independent

We are not tied to any one fund. By helping our clients reach out to a universe of some 40,000 institutional investors, we help them get the best deal.

We Are Experienced

Led by senior bankers who have been involved in transactional finance for 30+ years means that there is no situation our clients will encounter that we haven’t already experienced.

We Are Easy To Get To Know

For companies with $10 million or above in revenue, we will provide you with a free market valuation and benchmarking report. Not only will you understand the value of your company for free, but you will get to know what we’re like to work with.

Live with confidence

Banish the uncertainty of selling your business by hiring experienced professionals. We will help you keep control of the process and get the full value of your business. Whether you are ready to start a new business, or finally get more time with loved ones, SSK Capital can help you move on to the next chapter.